North Dakota - the State with Still Roaming Buffalo and Bison

North Dakota is hardly a tourist state. Nevertheless, there is something to see and something to entertain oneself, in addition to the seasonal sports, hunting, fishing and unity with nature.

Annually occur festivals and fairs, such as: the spring festival in Fargo (usually held in the first half of March), the Norwegian autumn festival - the largest Scandinavian open-air in the United States, the Fair of North Dakota, which is held every summer with a special scale rather reminding a carnival, and an annual summer music festival in the style of “Wild West”, which takes place near the town of Medora. Also in North Dakota there are many museums, historical and patriotic, devoted to the heroic American past.

One of the most interesting tourist points in North Dakota - the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks: gallery and theater in one, combining a variety of manifestations of art - painting, sculpture, cinema, theater, music, art performances and lectures.

And, of course, if you made it to North Dakota, it is imperative to visit the picturesque National Park named after Theodore Roosevelt - a historical and cultural site (and also a great place to relax).